First Pics

First Pics

Aug 31

Cameron is working hard to process 1000+ pics, no small task.  He was using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and each raw image comes in at around 23MB.  Our other camera (my trusty little Canon PowerShot) sadly succumbed to the elements on the trip.

We’ll have more details on each day of our trek soon, but for now here’s a preview of our first 3 days on the Lost Coast.

By Cameron Lawson

Pushing along the east side of Yakutat Bay

By Cameron Lawson

Scoping out a path through an ice flow in Yakutat Bay

By Cameron Lawson

Passing a large iceberg in Yakutat Bay

By Cameron Lawson

Perfect coastline just west of Yakutat Bay

By Cameron Lawson

Sitkagi Bluffs: Mile 1 of 8

All photos are by Cameron Lawson and may not be republished.

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  1. samh

    Stoked to see some photos!

  2. Tom Kempton

    Incredible adventure on a coast that very few have ventured upon. Spent some time along there West of Yakutat. Not hell but you can see it from there. Whats next,Ak Penninsula and pack rafting the Aleutians? You made incredible time and thanks for taking us along!


  3. Nice photos Brett! It was good chatting with you on the river on Hilary’s Birthday Float.

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