We’re baaaaack!

We’re baaaaack!

Aug 25

Just a quick update from the Anchorage airport.

We made it to the Copper River Highway on August 22nd and pedaled the ~35 miles into Cordova, AK. Within minutes we found the Alaskan Bar and were celebrating with a few Alaskan IPAs and fried food. With few lodging options in town we camped at ‘Hippie Cove’, an off-the-grid community down near the docks.

On Monday we hopped on the ferry to Wittier then hitched a ride through the tunnel to Girdwood, a great little AK mountian town.

Today, we’re on our way back to Bozeman and with that our Alaskan adventure has come to a successful and fun end. Cameron and I had a great time and are incredibly thankful to all the people who helped make this trip a success.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting a few more details on the trip, and of course pics (several hundred of em).

Thanks to everyone who followed along and commented, and expect some more updates soon!

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  1. alang

    excellent! glad you made it and thanks for sharing. truly an amazing adventure. definitely on my list of things to do some day.

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