Thanks again to…

Thanks again to…

Aug 30

Cameron and I are back in Bozeman and grudgingly returning to everyday life. Most our gear has been cleaned and put away and Cameron is starting to process 1,000+ pics.  In the next few weeks we’ll have some follow-up posts on gear, pics and what should be a pretty nifty interactive map. But first we’d like to take some time to thank those who made this trip a reality (and success!).

  • Eric and Dylan – Without these bike pioneers we would have never even dreamed of doing such an amazing route. Their groundbreaking 2008 ride along the same route was 100% the catalyst for our trip. Eric also provided tons of useful information on everything from how to setup our bikes to clothing, food and route info.
  • DeLorme – Just days before we were scheduled to depart our order for a GPS fell through. Thankfully Caleb and Chip at DeLorme helped us get our hands on a PN-60W GPS. In addition to being a top-notch GPS the integrated SPOT Communicator allowed us to keep family and friends updated on our everyday travels.
  • Patagonia – Their Rain Shadow Jackets, baselayers and Regulator fleece kept us warm, dry and protected from the wind throughout our ride.
  • The North Face – The Propel sleeping bag was a perfect match for our journey; small, ultralight and warm even when wet.
  • Mountain Hardwear - The aptly named Super Power Tights were great during the day while riding, hiking and rafting; shielding us from wind and quick-drying after fording rivers.
  • Black Diamond – For the Mega Light, an incredibly light, spacious tarp tent.
  • Icy Bay Lodge – Nick and John at the Icy Bay Lodge treated us like family, opening up one of their cabins for us to crash in for the night.
  • Tram Bars – These bars of oats, honey, peanut butter, chocolate and other goodness are good! Even after 2 weeks on the beach I was still eating my Tram Bars back in the hotel.
  • Alsek Air – Les and the crew at Alsek Air made sure our resupply package was safe and on-time, including 2 unexpected beers.
  • MSR - Some pretty nasty water was put into our MiniWorks EX Microfilter but it never failed to produce clean water. Glacial silt, bird/bear/moose poo, sand nor dirt could stop that filter.
  • Surly Bikes – For building the go-anywhere Puglsey. This trip opened our minds as to what’s possible with a bike. Also, Trevor at Surly gave us some useful info on prepping our frames for the salt-water environment.

Thanks again to all those above (and many others) who helped make our trip a success.

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