Live Updates

Live Updates

Aug 08

We’re currently in the middle of  our Yakutat to Cordova (Alaska) bike/paddle trek. These are our updates from the field. For more info please read this.

  • Final set of preview pics from our Lost Coast trek, the muddy Copper River Delta -
  • Pics from our Lost Coast Bike Trip: Icy Bay to Controller Bay -
  • Next set of pics from Biking the Lost Coast: Yakutat Bay to Icy Bay -
  • The pics are coming! Here's a few from our first days on the Lost Coast -
  • After some camera-computer issues we're going to get our first look at the Lost Coast pics tonight. Will post some previews later.
  • Our Lost Coast bike trip wouldn't have been possible without the help of these folks (and we're probably missing some):
  • The Road to Cordova - our bike/hike/paddle route from Yakutat to Cordova, AK:
  • Our Lost Coast route on Google Maps: Page 2 at the bottom left shows the 2nd half. 341 miles total, mostly beach riding.
  • No risk in jinxing ourselves now, we had only 1 minor gear issue (pipe clamp on Cam's rack), amazing considering the conditions. Great gear!
  • Bikes and gear are packed up and we're on our way back to Bozeman! We'll be posting more details and pics over the next few weeks.
  • We're at Jack Sprat near daylodge
  • On ferry to Wittier to meet my parents
  • Yakutat to Cordova, 100% human-powered!
  • Rolling into Cordova
  • Yeeehaaaa! Copper River Hwy! 35mi to go
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Our updates are made possible using a DeLorme PN-60W GPS with SPOT Communicator.  While in the backcountry the PN-60W lets us send short updates to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, as well as txt messages. It’s a truly amazing piece of technology.

In addition to our text updates you can also follow us on a map.

If Twitter is your thing you can find our updates on our @LostCoastBikers page.  Keep in mind that starting August 9th our Twitter account is one-way. We can post tweets but won’t be able to receive any @LostCoastBikers replies. Definitely feel free to respond however and we’ll be sure to catch up when we return!

And one more note: If our updates happen to stop it does NOT mean we’re in danger.  It could be that we ran out of batteries, broke our GPS or a variety of other factors. So there’s no need to panic  if our updates stop.

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  1. John Wagner

    Glad to get an update after the mighty Kaliakh River crossing.

  2. Mlaruski

    Wow! Looks like you guys are crankin’ (pun intended) through pretty fast! Happy Trails!

  3. TAT

    You guys rock!! Congrats on the awesome adventure. Make a visit up to Talkeetna if you still have time in your trip!!!

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