Our Route to Cordova

Our Route to Cordova

Aug 26

One of the most useful tools on our trek was our DeLorme PN-60W GPS. Besides guiding us through fog (on more than one occasion) and sending live updates it also recorded our route in extreme detail.

In Yakutat I configured our PN-60W to record our location every 1/10th of a mile. Finer detail was available but for our purposes every ~528ft was good enough. Then, before starting each morning I would turn on the GPS and it recorded our route for the day. 14 days later we were left with a super accurate record of our travels.  Here’s our route to Cordova (you’ll need to click Page 2 in the bottom left to see the 2nd half of our route).

With the exception of a few places where we had limited GPS reception it recorded in great detail our exact route, including all the wrong turns and dead-ends we encountered. Using this we’re going to create a more interactive map showing our campsites, live updates, photos and more.  Look for that in the next few weeks.

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